McMurdo, Antarctica

McMurdo from the top of Observation Hill, December, 1995.

People - Antarcticans on the Web

Support Staff Grantees Tourists
* Ethan Dicks
McMurdo winter-over, 1995
* Gil Gross
Noted CBS Radio talk show host
* Lee Liming's visit to McMurdo
from A Tourist Expedition to Antarctica
* Rick Pierce
McMurdo winter-over, 1996 and 1997
* Doug Quin
Collector of wildlife sounds
* Peter Suber
A tourist's Antarctic Log from January 1996
* Martin Sponholz
"Among the Magi" - a first hand look
at Antarctic life in the 1960's
* Pat Iampietro
Diving in Winter Quarters Bay
* Chris Bero
South Pole winter-over, 1996
* Rob Holmes
Meteorologist, cheesehead
* Al Oxton
McMurdo and Palmer winter-over
* Maohai Huang
Astronomy at the South Pole
* David Hess
McMurdo winter-over, 1996
* Adam Marsh
Snow, Ice and Sea Urchins:
Antarctic marine biology.
* Chris Liljenstolpe
McMurdo winter-over, 1998
* Camron Hastings
Balloon launcher, photographer
* Greg Falxa
McMurdo and Palmer summer person
* Andrew Watkins
Oceanographic research off the
Larson Ice Shelf.
* Scot Colburn
McMurdo and NBP summer person
* Ann Close
Research Specialist with The Bermuda
Biological Station for Research, Inc.
* Bill Spindler
Pole winter-over, 1977
* Dom Tedeschi
Member of the "Teachers
Experiencing Antarctica" program
* Kirk Spelman
South Pole winter-over, 1998-1999
* Barb Schulz
Another "Teacher Experiencing

* Blake Moore
* Diana Steele
* April Lloyd
* Bob Hawley
* Sandy Markle

Places - Research stations, research institutions and support teams

* Live From Antarctica 2 - live broadcasts in 1997
* ICAIR: Gateway to Antarctica, located in Christchurch, New Zealand
* Byrd Polar Research Center at The Ohio State University
* McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER - Long Term Ecological Research in the McMurdo Dry Valleys
* LTER Palmer Station - Long Term Ecological Research on the Antarctica peninsula
* Mawson Station, featuring hourly snapshots.
* RadarSat - why we have that big dome overlooking McMurdo.
* The Flare Genesis Experiment
* MEVO, the Mt. Erebus Volcanic Observatory
* Potchefstroom University for CHE
* Antarctic Support Associates, my former employer on the Ice.
* Raytheon Polar Services Company, the new guys in town.
* NSFA, Naval Support Force Antarctica (disestablished, 1998).
* An unofficial web page for VXE-6, Antarctic Development Squadron Six (disestablished, 1999).
* Blue Ice
* Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory - Antarctic Bibliography.

Things - Maps, pictures, and other informational resources

* The entry for Antarctica in the CIA World Fact Book.
* The Antarctic Treaty
* The latest local weather map
* LC-130 Hercules (ski-equipped version of the C-130) - the most exciting way to fly here.
* The Antarctic Service Medal, awarded to military and civilians alike - the only military honor that can be.
* A map of the continent showing territorial claims. [PDF]

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