Lake Hoare, Antarctica - fresh photos from the Dry Valleys

These pictures are as fresh as they get. I started building this page, sitting at the computer I'd just installed at Lake Hoare. After taking the pictures with Apple QuickTake 150, I used a PowerBook 170 to empty the camera and convert the pictures to JPEGs which I FTPed to Infinet for the world to consume.


27 December, 1995
Helo with slung load flying through the Taylor Valley
Helo dropping slung load
Valery, Harry, Paula and Ray
Valery and Ray, preparing microbial mat samples for photographing
Anaerobic baterial mat samples
Lake Hoare Rad Lab
Lake Hoare, melting

27 November, 1995
The ice edge from 800' up
Closer to the ice edge
Closer still
Lake Fryxel and the Canada Glacier
Another flyover shot of the Canada Glacier
Helo number 14 about to land at Lake Hoare
Helo number 14 taking off
The Taylor Valley, facing the Suess Glacier
The computer at Lake Hoare
The Canada Glacier
More of the Canada Glacier
A Jamesway
Evening at the Taylor Valley
A flow-measuring weir across a glacial stream
A view out the window
Evening sunlight on the Canada Glacier
More evening sunlight on the Canada glacier
Some of the LTER (S-042) folks:
Paula and Peter
28 November, 1995
Glacial Calving
More glacial calving
From the foot of the Canada Glacier
Sample accomodations
The Canada Glacier at night
The view from my tent
Another glacier shot
Me (or my shadow, anyway)
Another self-portait
Helo number 11 on approach
Sampling hole in Lake Hoare
Sensor box being freed by hot finger
Shoreline of Lake Hoare
Another shot of the camp
Wild Turkey over glacial ice
More of the LTER (S-042) folks:
Bob starting the hot finger
Jeff hitching up a radar sled
Jeff and John mapping the lake with radar
John viewing pictures of Lake Hoare with Netscape
John outside
Karen and Paul
Paul and Jeff
Some ASA people:
Paula (Camp Manager)
Larry (ASA generator mechanic)
Phil (U.T.)
29 November, 1995
Clouds rolling in over the camp
Tall shot of the ridge behind camp
More Folks:
From the left, Ray, Bob (standing), Paul and Jeff
From the left, Ray, Bob, Phil, someone new and Jeff
Mani (Zoom) the helo pilot, playing bell-hop
Scrambling to load the helo
More scrambling
Waving good-bye
Iceberg just off-shore near New Harbor
Blue Glacier
The Old Aquarium complex

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