Ethan's Antarctic Journal - Musings from McMurdo (Volume 1)

The Winter of 1995 was my first season on the Ice. My job title: PC Technician. I arrived near the end of Summer, giving me a bit of overlap before diving into the winter. Originally, I was scheduled to come down right after vessel offload, but I successfully argued that since I'd never wintered, it would be a good idea to arrive a little earlier to give me a chance to get my sea-legs. I'm very glad I did.

Winter '95 March, 1995 Sunday, 19 March, 1995 St. Patrick's Day party at Scott Base.
April, 1995 Saturday, 22 April, 1995 EarthWatch 1995.
May, 1995 Saturday, 13 May, 1995 Diesel and Drummi party at Scott Base.
Friday, 26 May, 1995 Birthday Dinner night.
Tuesday, 30 May, 1995 My actual birthday.
June, 1995 Saturday, 3 June, 1995 Antarctic Inter-station Radio Darts.
Friday, 9 June, 1995 Winning at Radio Darts.
July, 1995 Sunday, 2 July, 1995 The Mid-winter Swim (Polar Plunge).
Sunday, 9 July, 1995 Field trip into a crevass.
Monday, 17 July, 1995 Acoustic Night at Scott Base.
Monday, 24 July, 1995 Back to the crevasse.
August, 1995 Thursday, 17 August, 1995 End of Winter dinner at Scott Base.
WinFly '95 Sunday, 20 August, 1995 Sunrise.
September, 1995 Saturday, 2 September, 1995 My first trip to the continent.
Monday, 4 September, 1995 A bad weather day.
Tuesday, 12 September, 1995 Nighttime balloon launching and aurorae watching.
October, 1995 Sunday, 1 October, 1995 Field trip to the ice caves.

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