Medevac 2001 News and Background

In early April, 2001, the South Pole winter-over Doctor fell ill and was eventually transported back to the States for surgery relating to gallstones and pancreatitis. While that medevac evolved, on the other side of the continent, it was decided that a medevac was called for to extract injured folks from McMurdo. The grand total was one in, one out by Twin Otter at Pole, eleven out and none in by LC-130 at McMurdo. It wasn't the first mid-winter medevac to Mactown, but it was the first time anyone landed in the middle of winter at Pole (the flight to rescue the Doctor at Pole two years ago arrived five days before the scheduled start of the season).

South Pole Medevac News:
11-April-2001 NSF Weighs Options for Treating South Pole Patient
13-April-2001 Civilian Aircraft to Evacuate South Pole Patient
13-April-2001 South Pole Rescue Planned for Sick Doctor
15-April-2001 Rescue Attempt Not Expected Before Wednesday
16-April-2001 Canadian Twin Otters to Perform Evacuation
20-April-2001 Jinx at the South Pole?
21-April-2001 Rescue flight offers risk of a lifetime
22-April-2001 Bad Weather Delays Risky Rescue Flight to South Pole
23-April-2001 South Pole Rescue Delayed
24-April-2001 South Pole Mission of Mercy II
24-April-2001 Second Antarctic Rescue Flight Heads for South Pole
25-April-2001 Brief Sojourn at the South Pole
25-April-2001 Second Antarctic Rescue Mission on Track
26-April-2001 Second Leg of Second Rescue
28-April-2001 Daring South Pole rescue went perfectly, thanks to teamwork: Canadian pilot
28-April-2001 South Pole Photos, Medevac
29-April-2001 South Pole Work Dangerous, Rewarding
30-April-2001 South Pole Doctor Arrives
McMurdo Medevac News:
20-April-2001 New Zealand Aircraft to Fly Mission to U.S. McMurdo Station
20-April-2001 Antarctic Rescue Plan for U.S. Four
20-April-2001 Mercy dash to Antarctic to be made from Christchurch by RNZAF Hercules
23-April-2001 Rescue Plane Lands in Antarctica; Another Airlift Grounded
24-April-2001 McMurdo Medevac Complete

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