Hey! Who died and made me a Webmeister?

Somebody is bound to find some of this stuff interesting.

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Purina Geek Chow:

. The New Hacker's Dictionary.
. FAQs Galore, courtesty of The CIS department at OSU.
. Fil's FAQ-Link-In Corner, courtesy of Fil.
. Information about Amiga Computers.
. A Beginner's Guide to HTML.
. perl: the manual.


. The Squidpage
. Spatula City!
. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
. WWW Confessional.


. Center for Mars Exploration - resources to help us get off this rock.
. Views of the Solar System - an excellent tour of the neighborhood.
. The Byrd Polar Research Center at The Ohio State University.
. Lots of neat stuff having to do with the Astro-2 mission on the Shuttle.

Wierd Science:

. How to Turbocharge your BBQ grill and other interesting tidbits.
. The Flaming Pop-Tart Report.
. The American Institute of Pyrotartology (more flaming breakfast treats).

Full Spectrum of the Bizarre:

. Body Modification E-zine.
. The Captain James T. Kirk Sing-a-long Site.

The Cultural Arts:

. Peter Gabriel
. Empires Beyond the Great Wall: The Heritage of Genghis Khan.
. Zen Garden - a quiet place for contemplation and reflection.
. H. P. Lovecraft - dare to delve
. Esperanto - the language of the future?
. Didjeridu - an aboriginal musical instrument, made from a hollow tree.
. The Prisoner


. Al Landeck
. Marc Lamb at Stately Wayne Manor.
. Mark Gunderson.
. George Goble.
. Scot Colburn.

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