Where are the Penguins?

The closest penguin rookery to McMurdo Station is at Cape Royds: [Pictures] There is also a rookery at Cape Crozier. The two species found near McMurdo are Adèlies, which lay their eggs in the Spring and leave with their young in the Autumn; and Emperors, which gestate their eggs all winter long. Chick-rearing habits aside, penguins are distinguished from other birds by their thick two-toned coats of fine, almost hair-like feathers and stubby, flightless wings that enable them to be as graceful in the water as they are clumsy on land. They have no inherent fear of Man and will sometimes walk right up to you as you stand and watch.

Penguin Spotting
At Cape Royds, Nov, 1996
Near McMurdo, Dec, 1995
On the sea-ice, Dec, 1995
Near McMurdo, again, Jan, 1996

Help save the penguins at the Bristol Zoo Gardens by sponsoring a plank at the new penguin and seal exhibit.

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