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ZDungeon - Original Zork for the Z-Machine

The current version of ZDungeon is Release 13, Serial Number 040826. There is also a PDBed file ready to go for Palm Pilot users.

ZDungeon is the port of, so called, "Mainframe" Zork from the PDP-10 to the modern and somewhat standard Z-Machine. I have strived to provide as authentic an experience as possible. To that end, ZDungeon has some "features" that players of Infocom's later Zork Trilogy might mistake for bugs. This is not to say that I haven't accidentally introduced some new bugs, but keep in mind that some things that seem odd might be there intentionally.

Bugfix highlights:

Please submit bug reports (real or imagined) to me, Ethan Dicks, at <erd@infinet.com>.

The source code (in Inform 6) is not being released at this time. The plans are to release it shortly, providing there are no major bugs with this release.

If you need a map, you can find scans of a good one here.

Bonus Section: Inform Tutorials

Since the "Inform for New Writers" page is gone, I've posted the examples here.

"Alone On The Ice"  Large area implemented in one room  (Release 1, Serial 980223)  [Source] [Binary]
"Mung" How to make arbitrary rooms unenterable  (Release 3, Serial 980304)  [Source] [Binary]

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