Sunset and Sunrise Around the World

These charts describe the annual cycles of day, night and twilight in various locations.
Thule, Greenland (76.6°N 68.7°W)
Reykjavik, Iceland (64.1°N 21.9°W)
Columbus, OH (40.0°N 83.0°W)
Quito, Equador (0.2°S 78.6°W)
Christchurch, New Zealand (43.6°S 172.8°W)
Palmer Station, Antarctica (64.8°S 64.1°W)
McMurdo Station, (77.83°S 166.60°E)
Amundsen-Scott Station, South Pole (90°S 0°E)

Now you can generate your own custom suncharts

You do not need to fill in a location name, but you must provide longitude, latitude and timezone. Sunchart will not fill in location data based on a location name. If you must guess, try to guess accurately. The more precise your numbers, the closer to reality the results will be.

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