Shane Scott 1965-1996

He was better known to his friends as Scotty. We wintered-over together in Antarctica in 1995, him at Scott Base, me at McMurdo. It was impossible not to like the man; he was the most outgoing of the Scott Base lot, always glad to see you, flamboyant, mischevious, helpful, kind and more. We threw darts together, he taught me a little about photography, and he taught me how to play the didjeridu. He faced life with the attidude "No drama. Carry on." I will miss him always.
From the Telluride Daily Planet, July 1, 1996:

         Paraglider Shane Scott, 31, died Saturday when he lost
      control of his glider after launching off Gold Hill, falling
      approximately 50 feet.  
      He suffered massive head and internal injuries, and was
      pronounced dead at 8:15 p.m. in the Telluride Fire House.
         Scott, a New Zealander, was among 30 or so of the country's
      top pilots who came to participate in the second Telluride
      Paragliding Classic and Festival.
When I heard Scotty had died, I went back and read through my journals and pulled out the entries for all the good times we had together. I'm happy to say that there are quite a lot of them.
The parties
St. Patrick's Day
The Toga party
Hope Stout's Birthday party
The Mid-Winter swim
The End of Winter party
The darts
Interstation Darts season begins
We lose at darts
Scotty brings us our first win
Interstation Darts continues
An eventful Thursday night at the Scott Base bar
The film run at WinFly
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