Ethan's Antarctic Journal - Musings from the Pole (Volume 6)

Sixth trip, fourth winter, third for The University of Wisconsin - Madison; this time, I'll be running IceCube, which has, essentially, absorbed AMANDA. The old Muon DAQ is gone, but various bits of it are still in service. AMANDA PMTs are still collecting hits, but with a number of changes from past setups.

A new year means new challenges. Unlike last year, I'm working with a new guy, Tex. He's quite experienced with UNIX System Administration, but it's his first trip down to the Ice. We have a busy Summer ahead of us. The plans are to take IceCube from 22 strings up to as high as 40 (we installed 8 strings during my previous deployment, followed by another 13 strings after I left, late last year).

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