Ethan Dicks - Classic Computer Rescue Squad

Location: Columbus, OH.
Range: from a two-hour drive to as much as an eight-hour drive (one way), depending on the age and rarity of the equipment, of Columbus, OH; or, for light stuff, some parts of the San Francisco Bay area and some parts of Greater Los Angeles. (My current records are Columbus, OH to Ottawa, Canada for a PDP-8/S; and from Columbus, OH, to Louisville, KY, for a 12KW PDP-8/L with rack and high-speed paper-tape punch/reader).

Interests: DEC equipment of all (non-Intel) varieties (VAXen, PDP-11's, PDP-8's, other PDP's), most 6502 micros (PET's, VIC-20's, C-64's, Apples, single-boards), any 1802 micros (ELF, VIP, video games), most 68000 micros including Macs and Amigas, UNIX boxen, plus odd stuff from the 1970's and earlier.

Disinterests: Z80 micros, Atari computers, TI computers, MSX boxes.
(No Flames; I don't hate this stuff, I just don't want piles of it around, either).

Current favorites in my collection: Cosmac ELF (self-built), PDP-8/L, MicroVAX II, VAX 11/750, SX-64.

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