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I'm building a growing document library, mostly from the classiccmp and cbm-hackers mailing lists. The repository is made up of articles that I thought were worth preserving. You might think differently, but there they are.



A modern implementation of the PDP-8 architecture. The original project is at Spare Time Gizmos. I do also have some pictures of mine.


The Elf 99 was going to be my modern replica of the original Elf designs from the late 1970's, with better I/O support and a few modern parts to replace those difficult-to-find bits. It's somewhat stalled due to my lack of familiarity with modern PCB layout tools. Get the current project status here.


ZORK is without a doubt one of the granddaddies of modern computer games. Older than all others of its genre with the singular exception of Crowther and Woods' ADVENT. Millions of people have played ZORK on microcomputers; few have played it on the original platform, the PDP-10. In an effort to bring a venerable game to the most diverse audience, I have ported the original code to Inform so that anyone with a modern Z-Machine can have a go at it.

ZDungeon is the result.


Here are webified versions of the Popular Electronics articles from 1977 and 1978 on the Elf and Elf-II microcomputers, two of the most common designs based on the RCA COSMAC 1802 microprocessor.

Please excuse the unfinished nature of these pages. They will improve with time.

Electronics Experimenter's Handbook, 1978 edition - Elf II


Bill Richman's Elf simulator for Windows

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