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02 May 2001
Updated links to Bill Spindler's South Pole Web Page and RadarSat.
Added link to Kirk Spelman
26 April 2001
Updated the main page to HTML 4.01 so I could still validate it and join the Polar Web Ring.
25 April 2001
After years of fevered development, I have finally unveiled a script to automatically show what's changed and when.
17 April 2001
Restructured pages to reflect penguincentral.html as the new root document.
Started adding links to coverage of McMurdo and South Pole medevacs
30 December 1998
Revalidated pages and added check links to the W3C HTML Validation Service
Added a link to Katy Jensen's South Pole Picture Gallery. Great stuff.
29 December 1998
Fixed many stale links, too many to catalog here. Go visit the Modification Page to see what's new.
08 December 1998
Added new pictures!
11 June 1998
Added a link to Ann Close, a Research Specialist at The Bermuda Biological Station for Research, Inc. who has deployed on the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer and the R/V Polar Duke. (Removed 29 December 1998 because it's gone.)
08 May 1998
Added a search engine with thanks to Tom Boutell's perl search code.
Updated the look of the main page.
10 January 1998
Added a form and CGI program to let you generate your own sunchart.
Created the Modification Page to track changes throughout the site.
Added a direct link to the top of the Antarctic Glossary.
Updated the info on the main page.
Validated several pages for HTML 2.0 compliance (with thanks to Gerald Oskoboiny).
3 September 1997
Updated link to Chris Bero's page, to reflect its new home
Changed main announcement on the main page.
22 July 1997
Updated link to Rick Pierce's page, to reflect its new home
22 April 1997
Pointed link to Maohai Huang's new location and added a link to Chris Liljenstolpe
Changed main announcement and fixed typo on the main page.
Changed links to new location of The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
12 May 1997
Added link to Andrew Watkins' page, a researcher aboard the R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer.

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